The United Nations and the Middle East problem

It has become what the situation in the Middle East? Confrontation ... Middle East The United Nations has been involved in the Middle East issue from its inception after the early days. The United Nations created the principles for the peaceful settlement, and dispatched various peacekeeping activities. The United Nations is now even fair and permanent political problems that the underlying, has continued to various support of the aims of the comprehensive settlement. Beginning of the problem was a problem of the Palestinian status. Palestine is part of the territory of the former Ottoman Empire, was placed under the administration of the United Kingdom by the League of Nations in the year. These areas became all independent state with the exception of Palestine. With regard to Palestine, the United Kingdom is [to provide administrative support and advice] in particular, in addition, to the mandate of the United Kingdom of the year and expressed its support to [establish ethnic local Jewish] [Balfour Declaration] It had been built. Large-scale immigration of Jews during the Mandate from the year over the year has been carried out mainly from Eastern European countries.
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